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We recommended the inflator is checked prior to donning the lifejacket ensuring the CO2 is not pierced and fully screwed in tightly by hand and that the cartridge/capsule mechanism has not expired and is fully screwed on tightly by hand. Ensure the inflator is in good condition and not damaged and all indicators are present and correct.

Refer to the Lifejacket Instruction Manual and keep to service intervals.

We recommend that lifejacket servicing is carried out by an approved Lifejacket Service Station at regular intervals.

See Individual Product Pages for specific re-arming instructions.

Checking the Automatic Cartridge or Capsule Replace By Date

The UML Automatic Cartridge or Capsule has a Replace By Date printed on it,

Replace before this date.

I.e. on the cartridge or capsule is shown:

REPLACE BY 10 2017 A = Replace By Month/Year (October 2017). Note the Letter printed at the end of the Year is not relevant to the serviceable date.

If your cartridge has 'EXP' printed before the date DO NOT USE and replace immediately.

Recreational Use: Replace every two years or by the REPLACE BY date whichever is sooner. It is recommended your lifejacket is inspected annually. Refer to your lifejacket manual and keep to service intervals.

Commercial/Professional Use: Replace every two years or by the REPLACE BY date whichever is sooner. SOLAS approved life jackets are required to be serviced by an authorised service station annually.




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