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How our Automatic Inflation System Works

It is important that all users are aware of the type of inflation system fitted and how it activates.

  • UML Automatic Inflation Systems have a Red Manual Override Pull Toggle.
  • For automatic operation, a full CO2 cylinder and a serviceable cartridge/capsule mechanism must also be fitted and not blocked from water entering the system.
  • The cartridge is used on the MK5 Automatic Inflator and Pro Sensor® Automatic Inflator. The capsule is used on the pro Sensor Elite® Automatic Inflator.
  • UML Manual Only activated Inflations Systems have a Yellow Pull Toggle.

We recommended checking the inflator before donning the lifejacket ensuring the CO2 is not pierced and fully screwed in tightly by hand and that the cartridge/capsule mechanism has not expired and is fully screwed on tightly by hand.

Ensure the inflator is in good condition and not damaged and all indicators are present and correct.

The UML Automatic system activates when the cartridge/capsule mechanism comes into contact with water. The cartridge/capsule mechanism is a compressed high-powered spring which is held by a paper element. When the paper element comes into contact with water it releases the spring which pushes a plunger forward, in turn forcing a cutter into the CO2 cylinder. The cutter allows the CO2 to travel through the CO2 gas hole in the inflator head and inflate the lifejacket.

The Automatic system, backed up by a manual override, allows the user to pull the toggle and inflate the lifejacket.

The Pro Sensor Elite® Automatic incorporates the added advantages of an indication system, that:

  • Indicates the CO2 Cylinder is pierced.
  • Indicates the CO2 Cylinder is correctly fitted.
  • Indicates the status of the automatic capsule.
  • Indicates the automatic capsule is correctly fitted.

All crew members should wear a lifejacket. Ensure the lifejacket fits correctly and is suitable for the person wearing it.

50 N ISO 12402-5 / EN 393 - 50 N Buoyancy aid
For use by competent swimmers in safe, sheltered waters only as long as assistance is at hand. Not safe for unconscious persons..
100 N ISO 12402-4 / EN 395 - 100 N Lifejackets
Lifejacket suitable for adults and children who are swimmers for use in inland waters and safe areas. Only limited protection for unconscious persons, depending on clothing.
150 N ISO12402-3 / EN 396 - 150 N Lifejackets
lifejacket for swimmers and non-swimmers, for all waters. Only limited protection for unconscious persons wearing heavy waterproof clothing or in extreme sea states.
275 N ISO 12402-2 / EN 399 - 275 N lifejackets
Lifejacket for offshore use and extreme conditions. Immediate protection for unconscious persons, with turnover guaranteed within 5 seconds. Adequate buoyancy even with heavy clothing.

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