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Pro Sensor® Manual Inflator


Pro Sensor® Manual Inflator

Pro Sensor® Single point Indication system is also available in a Manual Activation Only version, affording the user one point of status indication, to confirm if the unit has been manually activated. This unit also provides the added benefit of detecting if the CO2 cylinder has been pierced, eradicating the possibility of accidentally fitting an empty gas cylinder during the service procedure. This inflator will not activate on contact with water and the user is required to activate this inflator by pulling firmly on the yellow pull toggle to inflate the lifejacket.

The product is approved in accordance with the ISO12402 Part 7 standard requirement for lifejackets.

The units are available on demand, with re-charge kits being stocked by most distributors of marine products. UML only supply to trade customers.

For the Manifold Fixing and Oral Tube as well as Spares & Technical Data, please use the Contact Us facility below.

How it Works and Re-arming

The indication system on the Pro Sensor® Manual Inflator allows the user to establish if the system has been fired including the added benefit of quickly identifying if a pierced Co² cylinder is accidentally refitted to the inflator during the servicing procedure.

The CO2 cylinder must be checked each time you don your lifejacket to ensure it is tightly screwed in by hand.

Red indicates it is missing or has been pierced. Partially red indicates the CO2 cylinder is not screwed in fully.

Click the tab below for further information on re-arming.

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